Girjesh Kumar Singh

Some move out of it in search of liberation and others by force of destiny.The things that bind you to the construction never give up on you.


The works address an issue of deep concern and passion for the artist who has
expressed this for over a decade through different creations of the same medium: an unconventional material in a distinctive language.

The nature of the medium underlines the very ethos of the work which seeks
to address concerns of identity, migration and displacement.

Displacement of people has been evidenced through the ages and continues
even today. Created with the rubble of brick and mortar of old demolished walls,
the red colour of the brick, hidden in plaster and cement,
shows a ‘fresh brokenness’ - beautiful to look at while exposing struggles of the past.

The artist feels that often if the past was beautiful then the present senses sadness because it is only a memory. Good memories sometimes tend to cause some melancholy because of the realization of their absence.

Conversely, bad memories create pleasure, as they exist no more.