Sajal Sasanka Sarkar

Philosophical implications in Sarkar’s works run strong

Sajal Sasanka Sarkar’s works represent a narrative created through a well-researched and time-consuming process that is his very own.  These works are made from dyed cotton modified pulp.  Every stroke that one observes is not the result of painted brushwork but indeed is cotton pulp crafted to create the colours and forms to reflect Sarkar’s own artistic individuality.
A storyteller, Sarkar creates characters and makes them perform, as if they are playing to a large audience on stage.  Subtle humour pervades his work offering a delightful relief. Flowers, architectural forms and animals populate his works.
His characters possess spontaneity and sensuousness conveying emotions which Sarkar feels are integral to his narrative.  Glowing colors and bold forms engage openly with sociopolitical issues.