Soumen Das

Soumen Das’s structural linearity of urban landscapes, layers of colour, form and texture are memories of his travels

Where most artists have turned to mixed media and new media, it is rare to come across a landscape painter who is able to evoke the joy and the mystification of an urban landscape in a manner that Soumen Das does.
Das’s paintings are contemporary marvels that transcend any genre.  This is because he works slowly and tries to work through the layers to blurring or breaking the very forms he uses to create his visuals.
Duality lies at the very heart of his works: a sereneness is experienced when watching his works from afar, every form in place and every colour grouping itself comfortably.  As one gets closer to the canvas, the hurry of lines, colours and forms leap out at you, chattering ever so busily.  The surreal serenity is gone, the reality of pace begins to set in.
Das’s evocative landscapes create an existence of their own.  It is not just dots and other forms that make up the image but a mesh of lines, layers and textures that lie underneath the colourful scheme of forms.  The bright palette creates a celebratory mood. An abundance of primary colours of blues, yellows and reds, and secondary colours like green and orange create uninterrupted joy.