Nimesh Patel

Nimesh deals with the premise that machines and mechanisms are integral parts of contemporary life and landscapes

Nimesh uses objects to create a unique language of figuration, which portrays, robustly, the idea of ‘revolution and reproduction’.  Through these paintings Patel comments on contemporary society and concepts of uniformity and repetition.  Capitalism and consumerism stand out in his works.
These calm almost placid works seem to conceal an insatiable hunger for glitter and glory. In some of the works, the artist repeatedly uses his version of the black hole which, according to him, is gravity.  He says, “we cannot resist gravity, we create our own black holes”.  The black hole, to him is not a negative thing.  In fact, he believes it to be the infinite reality that pulls us in to reveal the mystery and challenges before each one of us: it is the hole of opportunity.
Nimesh handles the concept of infinity and opportunity by creating a wonderful and aesthetic metallic landscape revealing a playfulness of capitalism and consumerism on one hand, and life and spirituality on the other.

Technically strong, one can notice his works are partial to the colour grey.  Patel believes that grey pulls the viewer in to the space of the work.  Set as a skyline to his landscape, it provides a feeling of space left out, limitless, without disturbing the subject of his works.