Kamal Pandya

To him, a building is a transitional site where traces of memory linger and newer narratives of modern architecture begin

Kamal Pandya straddles folk tradition and modernity to create intricate tapestries of urban sprawls; houses knitted together close in a dense cluster.  In some instance, the cluster indicates the silhouette of yet another form, as we see in his Portrait Series.  The works evoke a regular Indian city, rife with its aspirations and the slight claustrophobia born from a constant jostling for space, land and a dream to live by.
There is a space between what is imagined and what is real and according to Pandya, his works reside in that twilight space.  A space where the past and the present overlap where history gives way to modernity; in fact, it may be viewed as an attempt to capture that moment before the past becomes the past.
Pandya understands that the edifice is the perfect metaphor to capture this moment, where a peeling old wall told stories of the past and a bright new window looked into the future.