Shital Panchal

Freedom of movement, colours, textures, huge form and accidental effects create harmony

Neither boundaries, frame, surface, textures or colours limit Shital Panchal’s space. Though many things are limited.  It is important to express energies, volume, size with the illusion of infinity.  So, sometimes textures merge into colours and colours merge into textures, and leave an unlimited space beyond Panchal’s canvas (surface).

Though Panchal chooses a huge form of an animal like the Rhino for expression, her intention is size and form, a massive volume to express the energy of her thoughts hurling containers full of colours, forcing herself onto the canvas.  The massive volume of the rhino fascinates her as a non-violent animal who can survive on grass and shows a pure activity of energyand remains a symbol of power and strength.

For all her works, she is inspired from the experiences, and psychological journey of her life from childhood.  She was a martial art (karate) champion and so realises, through her works,the energy of inner power and strength in her.